A Book of Miracles

A Book of Miracles

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

A Book of Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel is full of stories that delve into the themes of miracles, happiness, the power of the mind, healing, and gratitude. Dr. Siegel focuses on alternative approaches to healing and the personal stories presented in the book showcase how these approaches have helped people find a silver lining even in the most difficult medical situations in life. The narratives within the book highlight the power of the mind and shift in perspectives, enabling people to move through life-altering medical diagnoses and live fulfilled lives. Dr. Siegel’s dedication to empowering his patients to heal through love, gratitude, and beliefs in life is evident throughout the book. He views himself as a coach inspiring people to uncover their inner strength and capabilities. This entire book is a testimony of his patients on his holistic approach to treating people as a “WHOLE” (the combination of mind, body, and soul). He gives his patients hope and courage to live when they have lost it due to their illness. Dr. Siegel sees his patients as HUMANS and not merely as some physical conditions, and I think people have connected to him because of that mindset. He is an advocate for self-induced healing and miracles that could happen to people in everyday life.

This book consists of 15 chapters with about 4-5 patient stories, and anecdotes followed by a miracle memo as the author calls it, which is a summary/reflection on the chapters. These chapters are on different areas like dreams and symbols, animal inspiration, meditation and visualization, miracle healings, creating miracles angles and guides, power of prayer, redirections, etc.

Upon reading the stories in this book, I was amazed and thought, “Wow, how is that even possible?” However, this book has reaffirmed my belief in the power of the mind, the power of gratitude, and the existence of miracles to be honest. As the author describes finding a sense of harmony and inner peace in life is what leads to everyday miracles. "Miracles are about our potential and what has built into us to help us to survive." The author's firm belief in miracles radiates through his expressions which is further backed up by individuals' personal stories. I definitely think this book has some powerful stories and profound wisdom that are rooted in deep spirituality.

Rather than wishing for miracles to change the physical nature of life, my desire is for those miracles that change our experience of it.
Miracles are our potential, and I hope minds open to this and we explore the reality of these events so they can become a part of our lives, as all miracles should be. Remember to believe in your own potential and experience, and do not close your mind to what you cannot explain.

On a personal note, this book made me reflect on all the stories that I had heard from my grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts while growing up, which I thought was a thing in our world (South Asia) only. But, it looks like human beliefs, thought processes, and experiences have no bound to cultures or geographical areas, they are equally true and relevant in Western society as well.

While this book is great and uplifting, as someone coming from a science background, fully accepting everything mentioned in the book was a little bit of a struggle for me. However, I do recognize and believe in the power of the mind. I understand that these are personal stories based on individuals’ experiences and it is important that I keep an open mind while reading them, without imposing my own biases and thoughts on their experiences.

Overall, it was a good read that left me thinking about miracles and the power of the mind. I am curious to hear from you all if you have come across any books that challenge our thinking. If you have any recommendations, please share them in the comments below. I’d be interested to explore more books within that realm. Happy Reading 😊