A Tale from Prague...

A Tale from Prague...
Photo by Rocío Perera / Unsplash

Hey there, whether you’re a fellow travel enthusiast, book lover, or not really into either- it doesn’t matter! I hope you all are alright. Just got back from an incredible two-week trip around Europe, and I might be sharing a few things here and there about the trip in my upcoming blog posts. Let me know if there’s anything specific you would like me to write about and share from my trip. I’d love to do that. However, for today’s blog post, I have picked a tale from Prague to share with y’all.

First thing first, Prague stole my heart! Yep, the capital of the Czech Republic, now known as Czechia, was my absolute favorite spot on the entire trip. Prague was like a fairytale story with its rich history, cultural heritage, architecture, and amazing vibes. Seriously though, walking through the city felt like I’d stepped into a movie set, and I was some character. Each alley had a tale to tell, and I was just there to witness it. It was dreamy and truly an extraordinary experience.

As we were planning our Prague adventure, we googled the must-visit spots. On our first day, we hit major destinations like the old town Square, which reminded me of our Durbar Squares back home. For a moment Prague felt so homely. Then we visited other iconic places: Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

Taken aback and absolutely in awe of all the places we visited, our search continued to find more spots to visit in Prague. It was then I saw the Franz Kafka statue on the list. If you don’t know already, he is a novelist and short-story writer, one of the major literary figures of the 20th century, based in Prague.

They often say that books open up new worlds, and that day, I felt the truth of that saying while standing in front of the Franz Kafka statue in Prague. It’s funny because I had no idea about this writer until a few months ago when someone in my book club recommended "The Metamorphosis." Fast forward to our 2nd day in Prague, and having that connection, and knowing about the writer, added an extra layer of charm to visiting his statue. The experience was like blending the pages of a book into the fabric of my travel reality. I even shared pictures of the Franz Kafka statue in my book club’s chat. This fusion of reading and traveling made me feel like I had leveled up in the worldly department!

Oh, and here is a quick travel tip for you all, there are not one but two statues of Franz Kafka in Prague. One near the Spanish Synagogue, where Kafka is seen riding on the shoulders of a headless figure and the other (the 11-meter-tall rotating head of Kafka) near the Quadrio Shopping Center. Sadly, the latter one was under construction during our visit. But hey, if you plan to visit Prague, you might want to add this to your list.

So, what's the takeaway from my Prague escapade? It's the magic that happens when you blend the worlds of reading and traveling. Books don't just open your mind; they add layers to your real-life experiences. Who would've thought that a statue could make me feel more worldly? Here's to the incredible fusion of literature and exploration – the ultimate travel hack. Until the next adventure, keep reading, keep traveling, and keep those stories alive! 😊