Goodbye, 2023!

Goodbye, 2023!
Photo by Ricardo Loaiza / Unsplash

Hey friends! How's it going? Today’s blog post is a result of a random game I played with my husband and some close friends this week, and I thought, why not share this fun end-of-the-year activity with all of you? So, hang tight and bear with me as we uncover this game soon!

This week, I had a holiday break. If you know me, you know that when the holiday arrives, I'm usually all set to travel. However, I had no particular plans for this holiday, and you know what? It turned out to be a blessing. With the year winding down and a break from the daily grind, I had the perfect downtime at home to reflect on 2023. I had a slow week with lots of journaling, and now I'm ready to bid goodbye to this year. It had its ups and downs, but hey, overall, 2023 was a good ride! I hope it was good for you too. However, if you haven't had time to reflect on it until now, don’t worry, I got you!

Now, let’s rewind to how I stumbled onto the idea for this blog post. On Christmas day, I was just chilling on my couch with a cup of tea and my journal, and suddenly, this lightbulb moment hit me—a rapid-fire question game! I went to my husband, who was sprawled on the bed and hit him with these quick questions. I gave him just 30-45 seconds to respond. We went back and forth on these questions, and we enjoyed it.

1.       Sum up 2023 in 3-5 words/phrases

2.       Your 3-5 words/phrases for 2024

3.       3 things from 2023 to carry into 2024

4.       3 things to ditch from 2023- no baggage in 2024!

5.       Fav book/podcast of 2023

Wait, are you already answering these questions in your head? Or do you need to jot them down in your notes or journal? Whatever you want to do with them, please do it. Even better, take these questions to someone around you and see what they answer! Maybe you’ll have a quick 2023 review or heartfelt conversations like I did with my husband and buddies. I used these questions with a couple of different people, and we had a lot to talk about. They might seem basic, but these questions can stir up some serious reflection or get your journaling game strong. If you're into vision boards, these questions can guide you there too.

Reflection, my friend, is a great way to review the year and acknowledge how far you've come from where you started, and where you want to go. For those keen on learning and evolving, consider reflection as a compass guiding you on your journey.

My dear readers, as you prepare to wave goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024 in just two days from now, take a moment to reflect. Looking back might unveil some surprising truths about yourself. My reflection took me down memory lane and showed me things about myself— a few that I want to carry into 2024 and a few that I definitely don’t want to take into the upcoming year.

If you must know, my five words/phrases for 2024 are courage, problem-solving, gratitude, travel, and abundance.

Okay, I am going to stop now and let you do you!

If you have made it this far, I am sending you all the good vibes for the New Year – may it be filled with joy, adventure, and just the right amount of chaos. Here's to 2024, my friends! Happy New Year 😊