Photo by Ümit Bulut / Unsplash

(One more poem from my poetic era. I wrote this one in 2016 while still in a long-distance relationship with my now husband! :D)  

As I lay in this cold bed

Wide awake in the midnight hour

Hovered by numerous thoughts

I take a moment

To stroll down memory lane,

I cannot really figure out

If I am happy

Recalling those days or

Sad with the fact of being alone today!

I close my eyes,

The warmth of your body

The moisture of your lips

And the sound of your pounding heart,

Ah, it feels just like yesterday!

Reminiscing every road we took,

Every song we listened to,

And every moment we captured together,

I struggle hard and try to find happy me,

To find happy us!

I curse the time, the circumstances

For tearing us apart

For breaking me emotionally

For testing my patience

But then, weaving the dreams of our future together,

I soothe myself,

I compose myself,

And cheer up

Because I know

I must restore my strength

For I have countless days to pass

Until we meet again!