The Scar

The Scar
Photo by Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

Whilst in bed,

Suffocating and fighting

Insomnia like

Every other night,

Drenched in the

Unfathomed depth of agony,

I enter the world

Of chaos once again

And the remains of my

Unhealed injury begins to hurt!

But it's not as painful

As it was

Years ago,

Days ago,

Or yesterday


I have already learned,

Already learned to

Live with this pain!

I try to figure out

After all whose fault was that?

I close my eyes,

Pleasant days;

Deep blue sky

Season of spring

Colorful flowers

And We...

Then all of a sudden,

Untimely storm

Dark clouds

Heavy Downpour

And lifeless flowers!

(Wide-opened eyes...)

But even the tears,

They do not bother to

Roll down nowadays,

And I console myself

Maybe we were never destined

To be one!

Once more,

The wound hurts

But not as deeply

As years ago

Days ago

Or yesterday!


I am aware that

One day

This wound will fade away!


I know the scar won't

And you know what

I don't want it to,

I don't want it to be

Faded or erased


It will be the only

Reminiscent I will have

Of you

That will let me cherish

Our good old days!

(Back in the day, I used to write poems. I did not write a whole lot, but this one should be my favorite of all poems I wrote then!)

Thank you for reading! :)