Total Solar Eclipse, Lunch Party, and Cosmic Snacks…

Total Solar Eclipse, Lunch Party, and Cosmic Snacks…
Photo by Rick Meyers / Unsplash

If you were in any part of the world where the path of the solar eclipse totality touched in the last week, you know the hype! At our division meeting, we had a lively discussion on- how far would you travel to witness something truly spectacular? A couple hundred, or even a few thousand miles? I mean, after getting to witness the coolest thing ever in my life to date, I totally get why some people would travel cross-country or even across the continents to experience what could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing! It’s been a week since the total solar eclipse and I'm still in awe, totally mind-blown!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. If you're a fellow Nepali, I think you'll understand. Do you ever remember an eclipse being this cool of an experience back home? My memories are of everyone being cautious not to look up at the sky, hurrying to eat before the eclipse, or rushing to shower and cook afterward, all because gazing at it was seen as a bad omen.

Fast forward to April 8, 2024, here in the US– a watch party at work! As the partial eclipse began, we enjoyed a big team lunch, complemented with 'cosmic' snacks. It made me wonder why I had never been excited about eclipses before or thought of them as a scientific phenomenon—perhaps because cultural beliefs had overshadowed their scientific wonder. And, quite frankly, not having the proper eyewear was definitely a part of it.

Reflecting on my own experiences was both eye-opening and cool. After the totality of the eclipse, a coworker began talking about how it affects different zodiac signs. It was at that moment I realized the blending of my past with my present. I remembered my parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts having those conversations back home, during and after eclipses, and it was incredibly refreshing to experience this mix of my culture and the Western perspective. Isn’t that one of the joys of living somewhere new? It allows you to see life from varied viewpoints.

Now, a week later, looking back at it, this eclipse experience reminded me of the following things:

The marvel of science
This was a reminder of just how amazing science really is. How freaking smart people are to predict the alignment of celestial bodies with such precision and prepare us to experience the spectacle from where we are!

The power of shared experiences
Have you ever noticed how bonding over a common experience can bring people together? Sharing this amazing eclipse has definitely brought me closer to my colleagues. We now have this incredible event to reminisce about and bond over for years to come.

The wonder of life
Isn’t it so amazing to be alive? What a privilege to live in this world and experience wonders like that! One of my friends playfully asked how I felt post-eclipse, hinting at astrological impacts. We joked around, but jokes aside, I felt pure gratitude because that eclipse? It was easily the highlight of my life so far (you might have gotten the hint already. LOL…). What excites me even more is the thought of what's to come, of the other wonders I’ve yet to experience! The real thrill!

The value of diverse experiences
Living in different parts of the world is truly enriching. Reflecting on last week’s eclipse, I realized how distinct this experience was from my past ones. It has definitely ignited deeper curiosity in me about our beliefs and why they exist. I am excited to ask more questions and learn and share what I have learned with my friends and colleagues here in the US.

This has been an experience I won’t forget, and yeah, looking forward to the next cool thing in life. How about you? Where were you during the eclipse, and what was your experience like? Feel free to share your stories or thoughts!

See you in the next blog post with more tales and talks!

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