What's Your Rich Life?

What's Your Rich Life?
Photo by Mathieu Stern / Unsplash

On our recent trip to DC, we were having these random conversations with our friends when we came to discuss the “rich life”. We had such fun yet reflective discussions that I thought I would share with you all through this blog post. So, let’s start with what a rich life is.

In my definition, a rich life is essentially a value-guided journey filled with things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. It's a concept that's deeply personal and can shift as you move through different phases of life. A person living a rich life means that they are living life in their terms and definitions of “richness”.

For instance, in this current phase of my life, my idea of a rich life revolves around exploring as much of the world as I can and gathering diverse travel experiences that I can cherish in the years to come. Additionally, I want to invest my time and energy in nurturing and strengthening the bonds with people who hold significance in my life. Whether it's through shared adventures or simply spending quality time together, these moments bring me immense joy and a sense of fulfillment, embodying my version of a rich life at present.

Some people may want to grind a lot and make tons of money to buy luxury items, and that could be their definition of a rich life. So, basically, a rich life is a subjective term, and different people's interpretations may vary. While travel may be my priority, it may not necessarily be a priority for others, and it may not be a part of their definition of a rich life. Also, a few years down the line, something else could replace my current definition of a rich life.

Just thinking about our rich life can be quite helpful as we navigate our own lives. Because we get to know about people so much through social media, it is easy to feel swayed or confused about our own lives. For instance, if friends our age are purchasing houses, we might feel the urgency to do the same, fearing we are falling behind. However, getting a house might not necessarily align with our current version of a rich life. Therefore, it’s crucial to reflect on what truly is YOUR definition of YOUR rich life!

By focusing on our desires and aspirations, we can make informed decisions about allocating our time, energy, and resources. It’s about investing in what genuinely resonates with us, rather than succumbing to societal pressures or comparisons. Pursuing someone else’s version of a rich life in the pursuit of catching up is not going to do any good to us.

My aim in writing this blog post is to encourage all of you to take a moment to reflect on your concept of a rich life and consider whether you've been living in alignment with it. Have your decisions been driven by your own life and priorities, or have you felt pressured to pursue something else?

I hope you continue to think about your rich life and start living your version of it, feeling more happy and fulfilled in the days to come!

P.S. Ramit Sethi, an American writer/blogger talks about Rich Life a lot. If you want to dive deeper and read more about Rich Life, consider reading his blogs. He also has a Netflix show called How to Get Rich!

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