Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh / Unsplash

(There was an era in my life from 2014 till the end of 2017, when I used to write poems. I was in a long-distance relationship with my then-boyfriend, now husband. And as I looked back I realized I wrote poems in two broad themes. Either I wrote poems about how I missed him or I used my poems as a creative outlet for my anger/frustration of being apart. This is one of the poems I wrote in 2015)

I might seem to be the happiest persona

To the rest of the world

But I too get shattered into pieces,

I too feel low, isolated, and distressed!

In those times,

I need you the most

To hold my hands,

To listen to my pounding heart,

To understand my woes,

To pacify my anxiety

And to whisper softly,

“Darling, everything will be alright soon!”

But no,

I find myself struggling all alone,

In the pitch darkness,

Drenched in pain

Flighting back the tears!

My heart aches badly,

Remembering your words and your promises

I regret believing you

I regret crying for you!

Placating the wounded heart isn’t that easy,

But this can’t be the way of life,

So, I stand for myself with a meager hope,

Of bright sunshine that will revivify me!


The canvas of life will be splattered again

Where your image will be shadowed

With the brightest color!

And, Life will be different again,

Because newer images are still to be portrayed!

Yes, life will be different again

Because newer stories are still to be engraved!